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Magazine Publication: “Robotic Laser Profiling Demystified”

In News on November 19, 2012 at 6:54 pm
The Fall 2012 edition of Precast Solutions with our article within on pages 22 to 25.

The Fall 2012 edition of Precast Solutions with our article within on pages 22 to 25.

The National Precast Concrete Association has released its Fall 2012 Edition of their magazine Precast Solutions, which features an article written by myself and my colleague, Oliver Conow on the basics of robotic inspection systems for pipes. We are both industry recognized experts in inspection robotics and this is one of many informative documents we have worked on for the larger community.

A quote from the article:

Engineers and stakeholders responsible for pipelines need to understand how the emerging technology of robotic laser profiling will impact system maintenance and specification decisions by documenting the in-service structural integrity of different pipeline materials.

Because pipelines are a costly investment, knowledge of their in-service condition is integral to avoiding unforeseen repair and replacement expenditures.  Modern pipe inspection is increasingly done by robotic platforms which provide engineers with an accurate picture of the required maintenance, structural integrity and life-cycle costs of installed pipelines. In turn, this knowledge informs the specifying engineer of the most reliable and cost-effective pipe material for future projects.

A pipe inspection robot made by C-Tec.

This project was a labour of love, and working with Oliver is always a pleasure.  This article was a result of a little side-project we adopted when asked to do so by Sue McCraven, the Editor at Precast Solutions.

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